Homeopathic Medical Association

Homeopathic Medical Association
Founded in July 2007, it brings together physicians, veterinarians and pharmacists.
The aim of Homeopathic Medical Association is to raise awareness about homeopathy among professionals as well as the general public through educational work, information programs, discussion events and editorial activities.

The Association aims to achieve an environment where every doctor knows homeopathy, its possibilities, limits, and considers it a regular medical method. It offers physicians and other health care professionals the best possible homeopathic education with an emphasis on clinical studies of homeopathy. The biggest challenge remains the integration of homeopathy into the system of education at medical schools.

Since 2008, the Homeopathic Medical Association has been an expert guarantor of CEDH education, a member of the Conseil d'orientation CEDH and in 2015 joined the ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy).

The first president of the association was Hana Váňová, MD, succeeded in 2015 by Ilona Ludvíková, MD.

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