Office HLA

Office HLA

We are a team, that’s for sure. Our teamwork is creative, organizational, project-related, but, first of all, it’s our favorite one. We like to spread the idea of clinical homeopathy and to help our close and distant experts to be trained and to expand their therapeutic opportunities. There is so much you can explore and learn thanks to HLA - and behind all that is quite a lot of work which we really enjoy. And we believe that you know this and that you like being with us at our events, if personally or “only” virtually.

Lucie Nestrašilová, HLA’s Manager, Editor in Chief of Světhomeopatie.cz. She has a great team to coordinate and to lead, takes care about everything around HLA, invents new events and projects, creates something new constantly, and simply makes everything work. If you need assistance with anything, Lucie will surely help you. Phone: +420 773 686 002, e-mail: info@hla-homeopatie.cz

Lucie Urbánková, Coordinator of Educational Projects. She prepares all the HLA events for you and represents HLA at external meetings where homeopathy is (or should be) a topic. If you are interested in education with us, Lucie will gladly guide your way. Phone: +420 775 242 616, e-mail: urbankova@hla-homeopatie.cz

Petra Purkyňová, Assistant Accountant. You can find numbers behind everything we do. And the best one to cope with them is our Petra, the right person to go to when you need an invoice issued, a receipt paired, data corrected... Petra will find the way for you from the accounting maze. Phone: +420 725 308 959, e-mail: purkynova@hla-homeopatie.cz

Ing. Ludmila Pszczolková, our presentation authority, helps the lecturers to bring their ideas to life both on paper and screen. She is one of the creators of the Homeopathic Magazine and a brilliant nutritional therapist as can be found out at Světhomeopatie.cz. E-mail: ludmila.pszczolkova@seznam.cz

Mgr. Ivana Šmídová, Project Assistant of Světhomeopatie.cz and coordinator of HLA’s social networks. Ivana is the right hand of Lucie Nestrašilová. If the time is faster than Lucie can handle, Ivana steps in. She posts new articles for Světhomeopatie.cz every morning and shares the most “professionally” interesting news at the HLA’s Facebook page. E-mail: ivana@svethomeopatie.cz

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